Woot Update

Ok so I’ve not updated for a while *slaps his wrists*

But while I’ve not been updating that doesn’t mean that I’ve not been busy. Cause I have been really busy.

First up – No one from Tokyo Free Guide’s got in contact with me so I’m assuming that their all busy for the periods of time that I’m in Tokyo for. Not really surprised at that given that its New Years.

However one of the members of my model building community lives in Tokyo and is going to look after me for the days that I’m there as well as take me back to the airport on the 9th – so looking forward to that a lot.

Next up tonight I ordered my Japanese rail card from the Japan Centre before the strikes carry on so I should have that in my possession on Tuesday.

Next I’ve checked in on my flights already 🙂 god bless internet check in – I have a nice window seat above the rear of the wings on the way out and on the way back and far no one sat next to me in either of the other seats. On a related note I’ve also printed out my flight receipt since JAL don’t do online boarding passes. However it was nice to confirm that everything is still as thought and working properly.

Things left yet to sort out – Travel Insurance and transport to and from Heathrow Airport both I’ll sort out at some point this week I think.

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