Thinking Of Things To Do Out There…

I’ve always been tempted to go into a maid cafe in Akihabara but on my last visit couldn’t really get the courage up to go and visit one, and more recently when thinking about things to do in Japan I hadn’t thought about it because of it been something I would have wanted to do more than the other person.

Now that I’m going out on my own I’m thinking of visiting a cafe again, yes I know in reality they may be expensive for what you actually get but its something different to do and most defiantly an otaku thing.

Having looked at the @home website today (during my lunch break) I’ve been doing some more reading tonight and have found that they do birthday special things as well – so I’m now thinking of visiting on my birthday, well I figure if I’m going to make a big fool of myself in getting a photo taken with a maid I’m going to go the whole hog, and subject myself to what ever they do to celebrate a birthday in a maid cafe.

Anyway I’ve signed up for the @home e-mail newsletter so I’ll keep on thinking about it.

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