Syncwire 4-Port USB Charger – Product Review

The Syncwire 4-Port USB Charger is such a must have travel accessory for me that I own two. The below review will hopefully tell you why.

In The Box

Syncwire 4-Port USB Charger In Its Box

In the small but reassuringly well packed brown box you get the 4 port usb charger; a quick start guide; a thank you warranty card and a couple of additional adaptor plugs.

Syncwire 4-Port USB Charger

Taking the items out of the box you can see the additional adaptor plugs; one for the UK style 3 pin plugs; and one for the European style 2 pin.

Syncwire 4-Port USB Charger

And with a photo of the bottom of the charger the fold out USA style 2 pin plug is visible.


The size of the basic charger is a small 55mm Wide, 60mm Tall and 43mm Deep. This makes it compact and easy to pack for any trip to the USA. The travel adaptor dimensions are; UK 3 pin measuring 49mm, 42mm, 42mm; and the European 2 pin measuring 36mm, 28mm, 55mm.

Furthermore to the the sizes above the weights are; bare unit 161g; UK 3 pin adaptor 24g; European 2 pin adaptor 17g.

As the title of this review and product give away there are four USB A ports on this device. Meaning that if you have a USB C charging device you’ll need a A to C adaptor. The variant of the charger that I currently own has 2no. 1A and 2no. 2.4A outlets; which is plenty for a smart phone, tablet and a smart watch.

Finally for the specs section the charger has a bright blue LED light on the front panel to let you know that it has power.

In Use

The charger acts exactly how you would expect in use and has no issues with heat if all four ports are being used. I do notice a faster charge on my iPhone when its the only device connected which suggest that the 2.4A ports do output to 3A as stated a max single output of this device is capable of.

From my prospective this is a Ronseal type product and it does exactly what it says it will without any fuss.

Syncwire 4-Port USB Charger – Review Conclusion

With more devices being able to be charged from USB now than ever before having a single port charger that you get with a phone / tablet makes no sense anymore. And while there are a lot of cheaper multiport USB charges available non in my experience have the build quality or reliability of this one.

That I’ve been so impressed with my first one that I got a second really tells me how much of a good buy this device is.

If I was to have a single criticism, that would be the finish – it looks fantastic in white, but as with all high gloss products white or black it picks up scratches easily and they are more obvious than if it was a satin finished product.

Finish aside there just isn’t anything to fault this product with and it gets a highly recommended award from me.

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Syncwire 4-Port USB Charger On Amazon UKSyncwire 4-Port USB Charger On Amazon USA No longer available on Amazon

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