Studio Ghibli Museum And Nakano Broadway

First order of Sunday was the Studio Ghibli Museum who must have a mind reader working there but more on that later.

My museum ticket is film from The Cat Returns one of my top 3 Ghibli films the other being Kiki’s Delivery Service and Princess Mononoke so that got the visit off to a nice start.

Then unfortunately it went down hill for a while. I have nothing against foreign dignitaries having their families, personal bodyguards and state supplied ones before anyone thinks that this rant is highly bias.

There was an American dignitary and his family, their bodyguards and the Japanese Special Police who came in after I’d entered and proceeded to rush around the history of animation room pushing everyone and everything out of the way without so much as saying excuse me, this included adults and little children. So I wasn’t happy about that.

Anyway by the time that I’d got to the exhibit of spinning fixed posed models in strobe lighting which then gives the impression of movement. Unfortunately it was also at this time a little girl couldn’t have been more than 4-5 and her grand mother were shoved aside by the family of the dignitary so me being me beckoned the little girl forward to stand in front of where I was crouching as I was paying attention to the bottom carousel at the time, and you’ve never heard such a cute sound of amazement in your life. That in its own right made up for how rude the children of the dignitary were to me.

However after I got up to move on around the exhibition hall the little girl had grabbed one of the pockets on my combats and followed me to the depth perception cels calling me oni-chan. This didn’t seem to bother her grandmother who just followed us around.

As it went the little girl didn’t leave my side until we parted after having lunch and having a young child with you at a museum like the Ghibli one makes for a whole new experience, especially watching them run over the catbus.

Second thing that made up for the rudeness of the dignitaries was that other than the odd sketch from Grave of the Fireflies or watercolour from Princess Mononoke all the artwork in the permanent exhibition was Kiki, which is a much under rated movie. However to add to that, once it had quietened down from the hurricane, as I was still looking at the cel’s and pointing things out to the little girl, one of the room clerks took a couple of the cels off of the wall for us to have a look at in closer detail. So no mater what went wrong with the rest of the day just being able to hold a Kiki cel in the Ghibli museum was magical for me.

The museum movie short was the Sumo Wrestlers and again enjoyable for me but having a small child with you shrieking in laughter pointing at the screen and going oni-chan, oni-chan does take the experience to a different level, and I was already feeling like a kid myself when I went in there on my own.

After a brief visit to a very crowded shop, we went for lunch in the cafe, which was very pleasant and watching a small child try and tackle a cake as big as her arm and succeed brought a smile to my face.

Because of the dignitary and being and adopted oni-chan the Ghibli museum visit took me a couple of hours more than expected, not that I regret it because of that little girl but it did mean that the rest of the day got squashed.

I met Peter and we hit up Nanako Broadway, which thankfully since I’m not spending my money really until Friday was a good thing. You could quite easily loose a day in the different Mandarake stores as it was we went round a select few mainly aimed at the modellers, where I managed to pick up a 1/8 Rei for 3150 yen instead of 8000 new.

After Nanako we headed to Akiba to see if the Volks shop was still open as they’ve got a Saber kit still in production that I like though it is pricey the Volks sculpts are really nice and they go together really well. However when we got there they were closed, which meant my wallet was safe again until Friday.

And so ended my Sunday.

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