Small Update

You’ve got to love the English high street stores…

Ok in reality I hate them and vastly prefer shopping online though when it comes to travel sized shower stuff’s its near impossible to find them. And so it seams is finding them on the high street after the middle of July, well in Birmingham anyway. What brings this up? well I went out to see and budget in travel sized stuff since I don’t have the room or weight limit to allow me to take full sized items.

After finding the only place here that has still got stuff in stock (Superdrug) I was reliably informed by the sales assistant that they weren’t going to be getting any more travel sized goods in this year – with that in mind I actually picked up everything I need toiletry wise, so at least now that is packed and I don’t need to worry about it.

Not the most exciting start to a post I’ll admit.

I’ve now been and brought myself the Japan Lonely Planet guide and in it found out that there is a group of people who offer free guides to Tokyo which I’m thinking of booking – because it a. will give me a different perspective on Tokyo been shown around by a local, and b. will be nice knowing I’m actually going to be spending one day with someone else – which is something I’ve never done in Japan on a holiday spent a day with someone else.

Man that makes me sound pathetic.

Other things of random – I’ve been reliably informed by T-mobile, The Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4 U that the iPhone 3G is going to be making its way to T-Mobile in October so I don’t have to re-join the evil that is O2. Ok its only the 3G not the 3GS but since I’ll only be getting one for the Lonely Planet city guide I don’t care.

On my own phone now I’ve got a currency converter application so although it gives genuine rates of exchange rather than the after commission (commission free my arse they just take their commission by reducing the exchange rate) rate it’ll at least give me an idea as to what I’m paying for stuff.

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