Portable Music

I’ve lost my iPod to my brother – actually I willingly gave it up to him as he goes on holiday the day after me and he has a Mac so can only use iPods.

Now I was planning on borrowing my sisters Walkman stick but it only has 1 gig of memory and a terrible eq so I’ve been in something of a dilemma since Friday – do I a. buy a new iPod or b. find a cheapo one for this holiday.

Well buying a new iPod was a no go really their too expensive and I already have a perfectly functional one, and the cheapo ones well the sound quality sucks even with good headphones so they ended up being a no go as well.

In the end I’ve just gone and got myself a Sony NWZ-E436F, and while it only has 4gig of memory it’ll do me for my holiday and until I get my iPod back, though it actually has better audio than the iPod so may stick with it and suffer having to load music more regularly and get rid of iTunes from my computer.

Anyway end of update so far

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