The trip for Monday.

Having not managed to exchange my Rail Card on Sunday I left a bit late for Nara and didn’t get there until 2pm, however since all I really wanted to see were the deer it did leave me with plenty of time to do that.

As it goes I also went around the Kohfukuji Temple Complex and filled out my Ema for the year. On which i wished for my friends happiness in the coming year, success in current and new jobs; and for me I wished to return to Japan within the year.

I actually spent quite a while in the temple being rather contemplative of my life past, present and where I’d like to take it in the future. I tend to find Buddhist temples a nice place for me to do that as unlike church’s I can actually relax and soul search there.

And after that I came out more at peace with myself than I have done in a long time. There are still conflicts but not as many as there were.

After the soul searching and temple building visits I headed for the park proper to find the deer outside the kiosk, hoping it was still there, which it indeed was and the deer knowing that the kiosk sells the deer crackers weren’t far way.

I spent some time feeding the deer and taking photos of them before heading slowly back to the train station to get my train back to Kyoto so I could get back to Tokyo.

On the way I went down one of the side street malls where I purchased a sticky rice thing on a stick covered in sweat dark miso – can’t remember what their called by they are very tasty and tided me over until I got a bento from the 7-11 next to Nara station. – See I’m not just surviving on Pocky and Pocari Sweat (currently 8 bottles).

That pretty much sums up the day for me, saw some deer, resolved some personal conflicts and found random tasty food – all in all a good day.

Plus the way that they’ve redone Tokyo station makes navigating it a whole load easier.

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