This was one very busy day.

I met my guide, Hideaki outside of the ticket booths of the main entrance of Kyoto station – a very impressive building though because of the schedule planned I didn’t manage to get a photo of the inside as I both had to run from my late to arrive Shinkansen (3 minutes delay) and at the end of the day run to get the Shinkansen back because of delays on the bus back to the station. So photo next time.

First stop of the day was the Golden Pavilion which was fairly quite in respect of what I was expecting so managed to get some good photographs there or at least I think I did, until I get back home and on my desktop I won’t be able to tell.

After the Golden Pavillion we went to an Okonomiyaki resturant for lunch which was nice and something that I’ve not had before very tasty though very filling, and although I didn’t find it particularly spicy my guide had a lot of problems with it as he thought it was very spicy.

Following Lunch we went to Kyoto castle and had a very quick walk around before heading off on the buses to find scenes from opening of a certain 2009 Moe anime – photos from those sights will be posted for people to guess as to which anime it was.

Anime sight visiting over we headed to a couple more temples and seeing the sun set over Kyoto from one of them. That done it was a rush to get back to the train station for my Shinkansen to Tokyo. So ended the trip to Kyoto.

Sorry if this post is a bit vague we rushed around that much that I’ve forgotten where I’ve been though the list has been written down for me look at when I’m back home.

Hiroshima post and final day post including maid cafe to come though will probably now be done when I get back to the UK as I’ve got to get up to catch my plane in 6 hours.

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