Holiday Booking Failure

Its not really as bad as the title makes out but I’ve hit upon a dilemma…

I’ve been recommended to stay in Tokyo at Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku by Kate-chan, only problem is that according to Expedia there are no rooms at that hotel available on that date, go to their website and no problem theres space and it’ll set me back £838 to stay there. Hotel website

Now if I was to go via Expedia totally I could have booked the  Shinjuku Washington Hotel and Flights for£1339.93 for my trip, but if you go to the Shinjuku Washington Hotels Website and try booking that separately you can’t as they don’t officially have room. Hotel website

Now my dilemma is the total cost of booking them separately tonight would be £80 in favor of the Washington Hotel but I know for some strange reason it can be cheaper to book flights to Japan on a Wednesday, so I’m thinking that I’ll wait until Wednesday now and see if I can save that £80 on the flights and book the recommended hotel, as the package price is about what I’m expecting to pay as a singleton staying in Shinjuku it can be done cheaper staying elsewhere in Tokyo but Shinjuku really is the best place to be for staying in Tokyo for people our age.

So yes I’ve failed in booking my holiday tonight unfortunately but not because the card got declined but more because I’m trying to see if I can get a better deal on my flights so I can stay in the recommended hotel and choose my flight time to an earlier one when booked separately – either way it will be booked on Wednesday as I know I’ve got to book it soon or I’ll have to pay more for it.

Oh and dam you Andy-kun I’ve not ordered one yet but I keep hovering over the buy button on the Apple Store website – though I may see how it functions from your trip before spending £350 on a phone that I’ll never use as a phone.

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