Daytrips And Comiket (WOOHOO)

Ok so I’ve let the blog slip a bit recently and I should really have posted this as I’ve been planning but hey shit happens.

Anyway I’ve planned my day trips out now and it doesn’t look like the locations will change again so I’m safe in posting them – so before today my holiday looked like:-

30th December – 3rd January, based in Tokyo just taking in the sights, nothing really special planned other than being at a Shrine for New Years Eve, a visit to a Maid Cafe the Pokémon Centre and a Shrine on my birthday.

4th January – day trip to Nara.

5th January – day trip to Osaka.

6th January – day trip to Kyoto – was going to be on the 7th but I’ve swapped it with Hiroshima as if I go on to Kyoto on a Wednesday between December and February I can have tea with a Maiko for ¥500 with a photo opportunity afterwards too good a opportunity to pass up since its hard enough to find a Geisha or Maiko on the streets of Kyoto anymore.

7th January – day trip to Hiroshima taking in Miyajima I expect this day to be full of deep thinking, a great regret and some stunning photography because I’m going to be on Miyajima for high tide 😀

8th January – back in Tokyo and shopping, I’ve got to pick up some stuff while I’m out there as the Airbrush’s are dirt cheap and Mr Surfacer and the Tamiya Metallic paints are hard and impossible (respectively) to get in the UK.

9th January – Flying back to Blighty.

So that was the plan up to today.

However 2 things happened which have added to that list.

First although I wasn’t planning on going to the Ghibli museum this time around, I will be decided on my way home tonight that although I’ve been before it is one of those things that doesn’t take all day to do and I really should.

Second and by far the most exciting and happy news for me today I’m going to be there in time to go to Comiket 😀 😀 😀 although I am new to the whole Doujin scene having only just started to buy them and not really being that interested in the H ones I am really looking forward to just going to experience it even if I don’t buy anything. Comiket 77 runs 29th – 31st December so I can only go on the last day but I intend to, and at this moment in time I intend to be there really early, I’m even debating getting to the Tokyo Big Sight on the last train there so I can get a load of photos – though that will make for an extremely long day given what I want to do in the night, so I’ll have to see how I’m feeling after I get off the plane. Anyway as posted else where I kinda feel like Cinderella who’s just been told that she can indeed go to the ball.

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