Day One Birmingham To Heathrow Update

Nice easy start to the day – or at least you’d have thought it would have been, the new Digbeth coach station is lovely once your inside it, though use of the toilets is still charged and after been forced to delete photo’s that I’d taken after been told by a member of staff that there are no photos allowed (no signs saying so – which was a bone of contention for me since its a public building) I still managed to get a sneeky one, though not of the coach but the coach station itself.

Digbeth Bus Station

Anyway after the photo was taken I ended up waiting for the coach which didn’t turn up until after we were meant to depart, the driver then decided to faf about before allowing anyone on the coach.

The coach itself was fairly empty until we got to Coventry as apparently it wasn’t a direct route from Birmingham to Heathrow. Once at Coventry though it got very busy though there was still room on it possibly the largest man imaginable for a coach trip decided to sit next to me, which meant I was squashed for the whole journey. And the next person who suggests using the M40 better think again on the way down we got stuck in traffic jams from 3 different accidents, which made the coach arrive 1 hour late at Heathrow, it really is just as well that I’d chosen to get on an earlier coach than originally offered as an alternative cause I’d probably have started panicking a bit if I’d left a lot later.

Anyway, once at Heathrow its a fair walk to terminal 3 from the coach station though a welcome one after been stuck on the coach for 3 and a half hours instead of the expected 2 and a half.

JAL didn’t have access to the check in booths when I arrived as they were all been used by Air Canada so I was kind of expecting a queue at their check in and for it not to be open, only to find that there was no queue and they were indeed open. So check in was a breeze, they just scanned my passport in and issued my boarding ticket after confirming that I had got the seat that I wanted on the flight. They also didn’t check the weight on my hand luggage which was a bit of a relief, as I suspect after picking up some snacks for the coach trip which I hadn’t eaten due to not being able to get to my bag.

I also didn’t get stopped at the first line of security where people were being randomly stopped, however after emptying my pockets of everything I still set off the metal detector so had to have a hand pat down, when that didn’t find anything they ran a hand held detector over me which also didn’t find anything; so they made me walk through the detector again which went off but as they couldn’t find anything they just let me through as did passport control which I’m not even sure actually paid attention to my passport when I showed it to them.

Once through to the departure lounge I headed straight for the bagel shop where the deal I got on the bagels via e-mail got even better. It was meant to be a free bagel on purchase of a drink, however they didn’t charge me for the drink I’d intended to have either so free food and drink for the win. And it was a very nice bagel as well, and they didn’t skimp on the filling.

Once I’d eaten I went around the shops, decided that Dixon’s can be beaten on the internet price wise for all the camera gear and on the high street for all their game stuff so why anyone brought anything is beyond me. I also looked around the duty free stuff but was thoroughly unimpressed as unless you drink – which I’m not at the moment there wasn’t anything worth having.

After the wondering around it was close enough to the time I could get let in to the lounge which is where I’m typing this at the moment, and unlike National Express there is not restriction against taking photos other than no flash please, so first up is a photo of the lounge from the seat that I’m currently in:

Servisair Lounge Heathrow

As you can tell the lounge is fairly busy in that photo and has actually gotten busier since I’ve started writing this entry, but there is plenty to eat and drink so I’m making the most of the quite and drinks.

And the view from the window behind me is:

Runway View From Lounge

As you can tell from the image its raining here not snowing so we’re not going to have any delays which were threatening us.

Anyway that is it for now so uploading this entry.

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