Comiket 77

So the first thing you’d expect most people to do when they got to their hotel would be to then go find something to eat, maybe shower and get an early night given the flight that has just been sat through – but no not me.

After taking a quick bath and putting my head down for an hour – I couldn’t actually sleep for fear of no alarm waking me up so missing Comiket totally, I headed out onto the subway system for the second time in the same day – though this time it was vastly easier, just find an Otaku and follow said person which was exactly what I did and I got to the Tokyo Big Sight at just before 12am local time.

When I got there it appeared that there was no one there other than a handful of dedicated hard core Doujin fans or people like me with no common sense, however rather than queuing the early arrivals down the main drag as they usually do, everyone who arrived at the site before or around 12 was taken to the car parks round the back next to the East Halls which actually suited me better, as T2 were in Hall E5 and they were my priority circle.

Anyway the night was extremely well organised with no one trying to jump the queues when we were moved around the car park for their set up, the couple of people who did try to queue jump and were caught doing it were taken out of the queue and put at the back – got to love swift justice.

Through the night most people played on which ever chosen games system they’d brought with them – the most popular game on the PSP was the new Phantasy Star where as with the DS it was Super Mario Bro’s – though I suspect most people with DS’s spent most of their time in PictoChat where I was until about 3am when most people started to try and get some shut eye – novel viewing and more on that in a minute.

Anyway in the PictoChat everyone was very welcoming to me and happy that I was willing to fight the masses of the over nighters and join in with Japanese Otaku culture. Though they were a bit confused as to why I came to a Comiket market without specifically looking for H material, or loli material since thats what they are used to gigin buying.

Now the novel experience of watching people sleep, we’re packed fairly tightly into the holding bays, just about enough room to sit and stand and that’s it. Now those small enough and I’d guess that was about 55 – 60% of the attendees who slept managed to curl themselves up into balls no bigger than the same space that they were sat in – and the remaining just say cross legged and folded themselves over and you had whole rows of people doing that which to be fair was probably only amusing because of my sleep deprivation but it amused me anyway.

I was also the only person so spend the whole night in my t-shirt and later jumper most people were in thermals or thermal blankets, honestly the temperature only dropped to about 2-3 degree’s Celsius for a couple of hours so was not far off what we’re used to in an autumns evening.

Getting to Comiket as early as I did meant that I was amongst the first people to enter the Tokyo Big Site and was in the main lobby of the east wing when they announced that the market was open which generated a round of applause which I joined in with because I actually understood that the tanoy message meant even if I didn’t understand word for word they said.

First stop was T2 whihc meant queuing again for another 2 hours by which time we were limited to a choice of 1 item and a maximum of 2 purchases per customer, which was sort of handy cause it meant that I didn’t have to choose what to buy and I wanted 2 from there anyway.

Second stop was easy to do after queuing for T2 for so long people were moving though it was still busy and I ended up at Yumemigachi Campus in the aim of getting the Nanoha stuff that they’ve produced but they’d sold out of that – however they did have some K-On! books so I brought both of them and a Haruhi book.

While walking around that hall since it didn’t have any yaoi in thankfully I also came across another Nanoha artist though the artwork is a little rough and only really line art its still very good so I picked up a copy of his book.

Trying to browse around (with some success) Halls E1-3 I headed over to the West Block for Quarter Iceshop to pick up their Nanoha parody’s which unlike most doujin are in full colour. After talking to one of their sales staff he did me a deal and I got all of their Nanoha work parody and not, and some Miku Hatsune doujin at a discounted rate so I got all of that.

I didn’t bother with Zi-Block in the end they were really only if I hadn’t managed to pick anything else up – though their artwork is nice its if possible too chibi, the chibi is out of place in the story so kind of spoils it.

Having dealt with all the doujin I wanted to buy I got some of the Comiket drink which in the winter is iced tea rather than water and this is peach flavoured and very nice as well so I grabbed a couple of bottles of that.

The cosplay section was manic so I didn’t get as many photos as I would have liked and the website photographers were taking so long with some of the cosplayers that some were reluctant to have their photo taken again straight away anyway.

The cosplay standard was stunning and honestly the photos you see on various websites don’t do them justice. I’ll upload my photos when I get home and have done the standard post process work.

The commercial section was going to be a see how I feel when I got there, and after queuing for Tony I did think about not going in however I thought it would be rude not to, and ended up getting a flyer (in the style of a fan) for a dance dance revolution maid cafe, some advertising for the Fate//Stay Unlimited Blade movie and some stuff from Navel – as well as various other stuff I was handed that I’ve not even looked at yet.

So that was my Comiket trip in breif, photos of purchases when I’ve taken them will be uploaded but as its now 1:25am and I’ve not actually slept in the last 3 days I’m going to bed.

Tomorrows update New Years Celebrations from 31st and hopefully what I did on my birthday.

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