Bit Of An Update

Kinda a general up date this one as it contains a bit of planning, a bit of shopping and a photo.

First up, thanks to Seans suggestion that I check out IPmart for maps for the trip – unfortunately they didn’t have any that auto routed or were useful for walking around with. However while I was there I checked out for anything else that may come in useful for me and found a speaking phrase book which is actually really quite good and an English to Japanese dictionary / thesaurus so although I didn’t find what I was looking for I found other useful software so thank you for reminding me about that site Sean.

Next up following on from my Monopod & Head purchase – after getting it all home I found that the adaptor that allowed the head to be put on the small monopods had got stuck on the display monopod in the shop. Now given that I brought it from Jacobs rather than Jessops I was able to contact the store manager directly who found the adaptor and put it in the post for me.

Now enter the uselessness that is the Royal Mail – they managed to deliver the letter but treated it so roughly that the adaptor had broken out of the envelope and is now somewhere clogging up a sorting machine I hope. Anyway I’ve been back to the store and the manager was extremely apologetic and helpful and already had a replacement head on the counter for me. However I’d seen that Manfrotto do the same head with a quick release head for not a lot more money so I exchanged my normal head for the one with the quick release plate and paid the difference.

So photo time the new Monopod Head:-

New Monopod Head

Right I can’t think of anything else major to be posting about tonight – still on a look out for maps though :S

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