And Booked

My holiday has now been booked and fully paid for – much wootage here.

I’m leaving the UK at 15:35 on December 2009 and will land back in the UK at 15:45 on January 9th 2010

I’m flying JAL both ways as today they are about £40 cheaper than flying ANA and I prefer my flight times since ANA didn’t leave Heathrow until 7pm.

I’m and staying at The JAL City Yotsuya Tokyo Hotel which seams like the best option given the avalible hotels on Expedia as I’ve read some truly shocking reports of the Shinjuku Washington Hotel and I can’t get into the Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku

At least the JAL looks nice from the photos but since no one’s reviewed it yet I may be in for a nasty surprise however I don’t mind since I’m only going to be sleeping there anyway so as long as its got a bed I should be ok.

Anyway planning and suggestions of things to do now needed

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